Preparing for Your Session

I know for a lot of people, having your picture taken can cause anxiety and the fear of not knowing what it will look like. Fear no more! When you walk in to our studio we will make you feel comfortable and we will guide you every step of the way. From clothing to posing and even choosing your final images, we will help you through the process. We use professional lighting and posing that are customized to fit your body type. You will get to view and choose your favorite images immediately so that when you leave you feel good about showing your pictures to the world.

Clothing for Women and Men

The selection of proper clothing is very important. Dark clothing tends to slenderize and light or bright clothing tends to add weight. If you are concerned about looking more slim then wear a dark blazer or sweater over a light or bright color. Do NOT wear sleeveless or short sleeves unless you love your arms! Also stay away from chunky turtle necks, scarves, prints and patterns that may be distracting. Please ask about your company requirements! Some may require lab coats or certain colors.

Image Source, Clothing for Women and Men

Hair, Makeup, Jewelry and Nails

Make sure when you come in for your session that your hair and makeup are already done. We do have a mirror and makeup table if you need to do any touch-ups. There is no need to wear heavy makeup but please bring powder with you for shine. Wear jewelry that suits you but stay away from chunky or highly reflective jewelry that might be distracting. Make sure if you are doing full length photos that your nails look nice. We charge extra to edit out or add nail polish or broken nails. Hair and makeup services are available upon request. Please let us know in advance.

Image Source, Hair, Makeup, Jewelry, and Nails